• Leadership Development

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    Welcome to Online Exam

    This is the online version of Smartway's Leadership Development sessions. Trainees may also take this assessment offline depending on the internet status at posts, but those offline assessment results should be uploaded to the LMS, as well.

    This is an Instructor-Led Classroom event, so you must sign up for a session.  I hold them all the time, so pick one that is best for you.  Also note that a notification will be sent to your manager when you sign up. There are also resources which will become available to you after the event, as well as an evaluation activity that I would appreciate your time to complete.  

    Course Objectives

    By the conclusion of this course, invitees will:

    • Objective 1
    • Objective 2
    • Objective 3
    • Objective 4

    Required Textbook and Materials

    Last, First M. Book Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Year Published. Print.

    Author, A.A.. (Publication Year). Article title. Periodical Title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp.

    • Session Registration

      Any session you sign up for here will appear on your bookings under the "My Training" menu option under Bookings.  Once you have signed up for a particular session, you will gain access to the documents within the "Resources" section.

      Remember, this course will not be considered complete until your instructor confirms your attendance at your session and you complete the Evaluation.

    • Meeting Link and Quiz

    • Evaluation

      Thank you for attending this training session on Leadership Development.  As we continue to improve our training it helps to hear feedback about what are doing good and what needs improvement.

      In order to have this training marked as complete, you will need to complete the following Evaluation.